Quantum Stargate

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About Carla
      Carla Fox has spent many years as a shamanic practitioner in the Peruvian traditions. She has trained other practitioners in the United States and abroad in shamanic traditions and energy healing, and also maintains an energy healing practice in southwest Colorado where she currently lives.  
       In March of 2012, while attending a workshop at the Monroe Institute in Virginia, an exciting new healing protocol was shown to her by her higher guidance during one of the altered state journeys into the Quantum Field. She calls this new protocol Quantum Sphere Healing, and it has become the main healing modality that she uses with her clients.  
     Carla’s focus of service has now shifted into the quantum realms, higher dimensions, and alternate realities where so much more can be seen, known and worked with during a healing session. In addition to offering Quantum Sphere Healing sessions, she also gives workshops where anyone can learn how to use this new healing protocol.