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Several years ago, I recorded a series of workshops entitled
"Tools for Transition".  These workshops are designed to assist anyone in
their path of spiritual evolution and healing.  In essence, they are an excellent resource for self work.  Below is the list of mp3 recordings with a brief summary of the content. They are available for purchase for $20 USD each.  When the purchase is made, the workshop will be downloaded to the e-mail address in your PayPal account.  This will be via WeTransfer.com, and will be in the form of a zip file.  I transfer the files manually, so you may not get an immediate response upon ordering!  If you have any problems with your download, please get in touch at 

Part 1--"Grounding into the Core of the Earth Mother"
            Grounding process, Inner Baby

Part 2--"Expanding Your Core Essence"
            Core Essence, creating sacred space, gratitude and appreciation

Part 3--"Chakra Removal"
            What are chakras, pendulum testing, live chakra removal guided journey

Part 4--No longer available

Part 5--'Bringing your Shadow to Light"
            Nature of the shadow, mirrors, projections

Part 6--"The Journey Through Death and Beyond"
            Mapping the pathway after death to avoid reincarnation, not going to 
                the light, 12th dimensional model, exiting this universe

Part 7--"Spiraling Through your DNA"
            DNA helix, Pineal gland, healing genetic patterns

Part 8--"The Journey of the Soul"
            What is soul, past lives, healing soul trauma

Part 9--"Healing Inner Wounds"        
            Inner baby, Inner Child

Part 10--"Putting it All Together"
            Inner Child, Inner Mother, connecting to inner guidance, working your
                issues, energy retrieval