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This book contains almost 100 pages of information, exercises and meditations, some of which are designed to
be used in an altered state of consciousness. The Hemi-Sync® Meditation CD is recommended for that use.  
For delivery within the US, the total prices including postage are:

1 Traversing the Infinite Now $14.00

2 Traversing the Infinite Now $24.00

3 Traversing the Infinite Now $33.00

​I no longer carry the Hemi-Sync Meditation CD.  I still highly recommend it for general journey work and getting into 
      an altered state of consciousness!  If you would like to purchase the mp3 download, click here.  

CATNAPPER--Catch up on many hours of missed sleep with this guided journey from Robert Monroe himself.
SHAMANIC JOURNEY RATTLE--Achieve an altered state of consciousness with shamanic theta rattling

1 Catnapper CD $18.00   

1 Shamanic Journey Rattle CD  $15.00

Discounted price for both Catnapper and Shamanic Journey Rattle  together   $29.00

IF YOU ARE ORDERING FROM OUTSIDE THE USplease contact me at QuantumStargate@aol.com  for ordering instructions before remitting payment. There is always an extra charge for international postage.  
       Thank you, Carla Fox