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Healing Services


     Quantum Sphere Healing is a totally new and revolutionary healing modality. Carla starts the session by using special sound technology to maintain a gamma brain wave state throughout the healing work. Then, a special higher dimensional healing orb clears the energetic distortions of the energy form of the client’s body. 
      Next Carla, along with her higher self and that of the client, enters the Quantum Sphere where all of the patterns related to the client’s issue are located. These may originate from genetic inherited patterns, past lives, early life trauma, and even solar, galactic or cosmic arenas. These patterns are pulled forward and combusted into clean clear energy that is repatterned with positive intent. The result is a deeper, more far reaching and comprehensive shifting of the client’s issues.

   "I tend to worry and now I find myself going with the flow more and more.  I feel like I have been running on empty and that has shifted significantly.  This healing session has been very beneficial physically, emotionally and psychologically."  LM, Wisconsin

  "Much more movement in my healing practice.  People are calling for sessions and I have a more positive outlook as well.  Things have definitely shifted for the better.  Good ideas are coming up.  Physically, I feel "more well" than before the QSH session."
ND, Wisconsin

  "Extremely grateful to finally feel my own energy.  The lack of negative thoughts and feelings is very profound.  So happy to see my shining self!  Thank you so much Carla for your lovely beingness." LG, Colorado


     As a shamanic practitioner, Carla is trained in the process of Shamanic Death Rites, which can be used to assist someone who is going through their final transition, or to assist a loved one who has already passed. The goal is to reduce the suffering of the soul and ease their passage to the higher realms.  
      For further assistance with this very important service, please contact Carla to make arrangements.  

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